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    Very serious studies have shown that video games improve the brain's capacities in several areas: having the best reflexes, concentration and coordination between what we see and what we do, learn the rules, learn to manipulate a character, learn from his failures, learn to go faster and be better, realize that when we want we can and especially that if we lose, if we make a mistake, it's not serious, we can always start over ... these are so many skills you can develop when your distraction comes from very serious games. Have you ever heard of World of Tanks ? Our review of this video game will probably tell you a little more.

    About World of Tanks
    Developed by Wargaming.net , officially announced on 04/24/2009 and released for Windows on 08/12/2010 as free-to-play, World of Tanks is a Belarusian simulation video game of massively multiplayer battle tank . In the video game landscape , World of Tanks is a special title not only because it does not leave gamers indifferent but also because it has a concept of its own, online tank battles . This title made Wargaming.net a great success. With an in-depth overhaul, the latter intends to prolong the pleasure of success.

    World of Tanks is an online game that pits two teams of fifteen players against each other in its classic mode. In World of Tanks the action is slower than in a classic shooter, it is a particularly tactical game, more or less a strategy game with a third person view. The gameplay is however closer to arcade than simulation, fun before realism . Its free-to-play aspect shows that you don't have to pay to progress, but you still have a whole host of additional purchases if you want to save a little time or get your hands on a Premium vehicle. .

    You have a large number of tanks, more than 500 at the time of this writing. With the Core Engine, the World of Tanks enjoys a rendering in line with the standards of the moment. It has beautiful environments with realistic effects and quality tank models .

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    World of Tanks essential information
    After its last version 5.0 update, World of Tanks is no longer equipped with unlock timers , equipment is unlocked with credits which replace spare parts . Spare part boosters are now converted to spare parts and spare parts into credits, the specified rare camouflage is reserved for vehicles with at least 6 unlocked equipment slots.

    A descriptive and explicit notice is available. It is equipped with all the necessary information you need for a better use of World of Tanks, from configuration to update to installation, not to mention the list of controls, the selection of your tank for the battle, recruiting crew members and ammunition.

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    Many online gaming fans are waiting for feedback from those who have tried World of Tanks before. So share with us your moments online at the controls of your tank. You can also see similar reviews on our site. Are you not tempted?

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